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Are you looking to maximize productivity and efficiency in your warehousing operation? A warehouse site survey conducted by the experts at Arnold Machinery Company can provide a customized, cost-effective solution. Our experienced associates can help you determine the best storage and organization solutions for your needs and budget.

What Is a Warehouse Site Survey, and Why Is It Important?

A site survey occurs when a knowledgeable warehouse consulting professional visits a facility to assess a business’s operations and work processes. The consultant will evaluate all crucial operational areas, like the loading docks, racking systems and material handling equipment, and prepare a detailed report that includes findings and recommendations for improvements. These suggestions strive to help warehouses operate more efficiently.

A warehouse site survey offers numerous benefits. It provides an objective third-party perspective that enables a company to make crucial improvements. For example, the consultant may recommend a layout change that enhances productivity or increases storage capacity. This information can also help the company create a safer work environment for its employees and comply with stringent OSHA regulations.

These surveys often focus on ways to cut costs, which is essential for keeping prices low and gaining a competitive advantage.

Discover Your Company’s Warehousing Needs

Every warehousing operation is different and faces a unique set of challenges. A site survey identifies and addresses the areas that directly impact your business, such as:

  • Limited storage capacity: A lack of storage space is a common issue in many warehouses. We can recommend practical and cost-effective solutions like narrowing the aisles or installing a mezzanine system that prevents the need to relocate, expand or build a new structure.
  • Outdated equipment: Is productivity decreasing in your warehouse? A survey could identify contributing factors like obsolete forklifts or other material handling equipment. We can suggest new and used options that increase performance without breaking your company’s budget.
  • Inefficient processes: How long has it been since you’ve reviewed your work processes? A site survey can uncover inefficiencies that are minimizing performance and increasing operating costs. We can help you develop and implement strategies that remove unnecessary steps and save money.
  • Hidden safety issues: Too many companies assume they’re following all the safety rules. However, it’s easy to overlook a potential hazard that could endanger your workers. A site survey can scrutinize every area of your operation and find these hidden risks before accidents and injuries occur.

Warehouse Site Surveys From Arnold Machinery Company

When you choose us for a warehouse site survey, you’ll work directly with a trusted, expert associate who will take the time to understand your business and address your unique warehousing needs. You’ll also benefit from Silver Service® guarantee — we’ll take every ethical step to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

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