Keeping floors clean and debris-free in a factory, warehouse, office complex or any other sprawling facility is a persistent challenge. An industrial floor sweeper scrubber is an excellent equipment choice for this demanding job.

These versatile machines combine an advanced debris collection system with a robust scrub deck, enabling you to sweep and scrub a floor simultaneously. You’ll complete your cleaning jobs in half the time without sacrificing quality. Buying one machine instead of two can also provide substantial cost savings.

Arnold Machinery Company Offers Reliable Scrubber Sweeper Machines

Arnold Machinery Company can supply your business or organization with a high-performing floor sweeper and scrubber unit to handle your toughest cleaning tasks. We’ve been a trusted provider of a wide range of warehouse and material handling solutions in the Western United States since 1944. When you partner with us, you’ll always get a superior product at a competitive price and receive excellent service every step of the way.

You’ll Find an Assortment of K√§rcher Floor Sweeper Scrubbers for Sale

Our sweet scrubber lineup features equipment from Kärcher, a leading global equipment manufacturer and innovator since 1935. Kärcher products deliver a host of benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity: An advanced auto-fill feature stops the machine automatically when the tank is full, saving time and labor.
  • Simple operation: Pictograms on the operator panel make it easy for anyone to use the scrubber with minimal training.
  • Eco-friendly: The built-in eco-efficiency mode reduces water and detergent usage, while the specially designed Dose system precisely measures the correct detergent quantity.
  • Safety: K√§rcher’s Intelligent Key system helps to prevent machine misuse and enhances cleaning efficiency.

We offer various Kärcher sweeper scrubber models in the following product categories:

  • Walk-behind compact floor scrubbers: These small sweeper scrubbers are surprisingly powerful, and they can cover up to 15,000 square feet per hour. They’re ideal for daytime cleaning applications in an office building environment.
  • Walk-behind floor scrubbers: Use these machines for cleaning larger areas. With an impressive coverage rate of 28,000 square feet per hour, you’ll get efficient results in a shortened time frame.
  • Stand-on floor scrubbers: Stand-on floor scrubbers enable you to increase cleaning productivity by up to 50% over walk-behind models. They also make the task easier for your janitorial staff.
  • Ride-on floor scrubbers: These scrubbers can handle your biggest jobs with ease, and some models can cover an impressive 64,500 square feet per hour. They also offer enhanced operator comfort during extended cleaning periods.

Kärcher Cleaning Agents Are Also Available

Professional cleaning and care agents enable your scrubber sweeper machine to clean faster and more efficiently, reduce your energy consumption and generate less wastewater pollution. Arnold Machinery Company can supply your business with high-performing Kärcher cleaning agents that make your job easier.

Choose general-purpose cleaners or basic cleaning agents that are ideal for your everyday floor maintenance applications. You’ll also find intermediate cleaning and care solutions and stain removal products to handle your more challenging tasks.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Only Policy¬ģ

At Arnold Machinery Company, our sincere commitment to delivering superior customer service sets us apart from our competitors. Our Silver Service¬ģ policy is our promise that we’ll do any and every ethical thing to ensure your total satisfaction with our products and services. You’ll work with a trusted partner that always has your business’s best interest in mind.

Other Benefits of Choosing Us for Industrial Floor Sweeper Scrubbers

Other reasons to select Arnold Machinery Company include:

  • 14 convenient locations across the Intermountain West to deliver prompt, reliable service.
  • Free on-site consultations to enable us to assess your needs and recommend the best machine for the job.
  • No-cost, no-obligation quotes with pricing transparency to ensure you’ll always know what you’re getting for your money.
  • Maintenance and repair service from trained technicians to reduce your long-term ownership costs and minimize unproductive downtime.
  • Advanced fleet management solutions to provide additional insight into your equipment’s performance.


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