As a business expands, it can outgrow its warehouse facilities. A mezzanine platform can provide a more practical and cost-effective alternative to renovating an existing warehouse or building a brand-new structure.

A warehouse mezzanine system consists of a series of elevated work platforms installed between the floor and the ceiling to provide additional storage space. The three basic mezzanine types are catwalks, structural and shelving-supported systems.

Arnold Machinery Company can provide a rugged, durable industrial mezzanine platform that can resolve your space and storage dilemma and add significant value to your business. You’ll get an affordable, highly functional solution that optimizes your warehouse’s layout.

Benefits of a Mezzanine for a Warehouse

Installing a mezzanine platform system in your warehouse can provide numerous benefits for your business:

  • Space optimization: Even a large warehouse has a finite amount of storage space. Mezzanines enable you to make the most of every square foot to increase storage capacity.
  • Cost savings: Building a new warehouse or expanding an existing facility requires a significant capital investment. Installing a mezzanine platform is much less expensive, often making it a more practical solution.
  • No relocation: Is your warehouse’s location ideal for serving your customer base? Mezzanines can meet your storage requirements without having to move to another facility.
  • Reduces clutter: A congested warehouse is inefficient — and potentially dangerous for your workers. By allowing you to maximize your facility’s vertical space, a mezzanine can improve organization, open the layout and help you create a less hazardous work environment.

Uses of Extra Mezzanine Space

A mezzanine can serve many purposes in your facility. One of the most obvious uses for a warehouse mezzanine is to increase storage capacity. If your company is in full growth mode, you can quickly add that much-needed area to accommodate new product lines or expand your offerings to your customer base.

If you operate a manufacturing plant, a mezzanine platform can increase your production capacity. You’ll have more room for the extra machinery and equipment you need to produce goods faster and modernize your operations. Your employees will also benefit from a more spacious work area.

Adding office space is another practical use for these fixtures. You can create more room for your staff without consuming valuable floor space. You could also move all your current office functions to the newly constructed mezzanine platform to establish a larger storage area on the existing floor.

Why Choose Us for Your Mezzanine Needs?

Arnold Machinery Company is a full-service warehouse solutions provider committed to helping you make your facility more efficient, productive and safe. We also make your satisfaction our top priority. Our Silver Service® guarantee is our promise that we’ll do everything ethically possible to ensure you’re happy with your warehouse mezzanine system.

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